Dr. Zainab Malik. MD, MSc, FAAP

Consultant, Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Dr. Zainab Malik is a US trained and board certified Consultant Pediatrician par excellence with a passion for teaching, clinical research, and global health. With over twenty years of clinical practice and expertise in managing complex patients, she is the go-to pediatrician for families across the UAE and abroad. In addition, she is actively involved in medical education and training and holds the faculty position of Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dubai.

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Areas of expertise

Newborn and infant check-ups

Infections in returning travelers

Infections in children with immunodeficiency

Comprehensive Well-Child Care visits from infancy to teenage years

Routine childhood needs, i.e., growth, behavior & development, feeding, asthma, febrile illnesses and common childhood infections

Fever in children

Travel clinic

Fever of unknown origin

Catch-up immunization for children with delayed vaccines

Care of children with genetic disorders i.e., Down’s Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Connective Tissue Disorders and others

Recurring fevers


Unusual infections

Routine immunizations in infants, children & adolescents

Immunizations in special circumstances (after chemotherapy, after receiving immunoglobulins, children undergoing splenectomy, infants born to mothers with communicable diseases i.e., Hepatitis B and others)

Information For Parents

American Academy of Pediatrics Schedule of Well-Child Care Visits

Tracking your child’s developmental milestones

Breastfeeding your baby


Khan KM, Sarfaraz N, Siddiqui S, Malik ZA, Salim Z. Expression of G Protein Subunits in the Lateral Wall of the Rat Cochlea. J Anat. 2003 Mar; 202(Pt 3): 293-301.

Research Abstracts

Malik ZA, Hailpern SH, Burk RD. “Risk factors for Human Papillomavirus Type 53 Seropositivity in Young Women.”